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Woven Basket With Lid
  • Woven Basket With Lid


    Our small woven baskets with lid provide an excellent storage solution for your home. Whether you're storing vegetables, such as garlic in the kitchen or jewelry in the bedroom, these baskets are perfect for keeping your belongings organized and easily accessible. Handcrafted from elephant grass, these baskets offer long-lasting sustainability and durability. Not only are they 100% natural and non-toxic, but they are also beautifully handmade, adding a touch of unique artisanal charm to any room. Choose our woven baskets with lid for a stylish and sustainable storage solution that enhances the beauty of your living space.



     Elephant grass

     Natural dyes


    Due to each basket being handmade, the size varies per unit, but average sizes are below:

    11cm high (including lid) .Does not include loop.

    Width without lid  15cm

    Width with lid 16cm

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