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Handwoven Vase

Handwoven Vase

Shipment within 6 to 12 weeks

Add a touch of artisanal beauty to your home with our handwoven vase. This decorative piece is perfect as a centerpiece on any table or shelf, adding a pop of colour and texture to any room. Each vase is carefully crafted by skilled artisans in the Bolgatanga Region of Ghana, using traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. The result is a stunning and unique vase, showcasing vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Bring a piece of Ghanaian artistry into your home with our handwoven vase.



 Elephant grass

 Natural dyes



Due to each basket being handmade, the size varies per unit, but average sizes are below:


Width: at the rim is 22cm

Widith: below rim is 30cm

Height:  37cm

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