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- black owned business - handwoven african store - unique creative home décor - Bags and Hats - Bolga Baskets

Bolga Basket - Gifts by Rubi-Asi
Gifts by Rubi-Asi
See What's Hot !  - Gifts by Rubi Asi
Weaving Bolga Baskets - Gift by Rubi-Asi


We are proudly of Ghanaian and Jamaican descent and want to share our heritage. We aim to do this through crafts and gifting ideas throughout the year. 
Inspired by our African, Caribbean, and British roots, each product is handwoven using ethically sourced elephant grass straw and natural dyes by the lovely people of the Bolga region. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Fans - Gifts by Rubi-Asi

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